Three recipes to get the most out of your weekly shop

Do you find that each grocery shop leaves you with leftover ingredients that you can’t seem to use? Regret buying the cauliflower you swore you’d cook and now it’s almost headed for the bin? Stop right there! We have a few delicious Indian recipes that will  use up those leftover vegetables, ensuring you get more mileage from each supermarket shop here on out. Here are our three go-to meals that will help you avoid any waste. 


Chicken Korma Tray Bake

Preparing a week’s worth of food over the weekend and refrigerating it for the rest of the week is a useful way to combat waste. This aromatic Indian dish requires a casserole dish (pictured) and rice to serve. Once cooked, we recommend using containers to pack into the fridge and putting in the kids school lunches or re-heating for an easy midweek dinner.

Grilled Salmon Kedgree

Got a handful of herbs and spices that are approaching their best before date? This kedgree is the ideal Indian dish to use them all up. Filled with immunity boosting ginger and taste-inspiring curry powder, this one is sure to fire up your senses, too.

3 Grain Biryani with Korma Chana

3 Grain Biryani with Korma Chana

Packed to the brim with plant based protein, this dish will use up your leftover cupboard essentials including lentils, chopped tomatoes and chickpeas. Our aromatic Korma Paste Pot brings this recipe to life, incorporating a blend of 11 different Indian spices for maximum flavour (and it can be frozen too!).


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