Five winter recipes you can cook in 30 minutes or less tonight

There is nothing quite as good as cosying up with a hearty Indian dish on a cold winter’s night. But sometimes, just the thought of cooking can have you throw the towel in. Well not with these quick Indian-inspired recipes, because you’ll be well fed in 30 minutes or less. And the bonus part? They’re full of flavour! From Jamie Oliver’s Crispy Korma Salmon to Naan Bread Pizzas, these go-to dishes are anything but bland. Just click the links to see the full recipes below!


Jamie Oliver’s Crispy Korma Salmon – 20 mins

An easy one for salmon lovers; just pair with coconut rice for a flavoursome and textured dinner.

3 Grain Biryani with Korma Chana

3 Grain Biryani with Korma Chana – 20 mins

Amp up your daily dose of vegetables and grains with just 20 minutes in the kitchen! This favourite can be frozen for later, too.

Hot Madras Mushroom Parcels – 30 mins

These parcels pack a punch when it comes to flavour. We like to call them joy parcels, you’ll have to try for yourself to see if you agree

Madras Steaks

Madras Steaks – 20 mins

For fans of spice, we recommend these delicious Madras Steaks (if you’d prefer a vegetarian meal, you can replace the steaks for mushrooms).

Naanzas (Naan Bread Pizzas) – 30 mins

One of our easiest (and most loved) recipes, these Naanzas give traditional pizza a twist by using naan bread as the base and incorporating Indian flavours in our Rogan Josh Curry Sauce.